Monday, August 11, 2008


I am about to embark on my second 'crunch' time. I've got to get an animation project done for Animation I (the final project that is half the grade in the class). I've spent several hours on it already, but am not near as far along as I'd like... I have about 10 days to finish it. I'll be putting in some long evenings while working my 45+ hours a week. (I'm really not complaining... much).

Here's my schedule:

This Week
Tue: 4 hours in the evening.
Wed: Church/Work on homework for other class (Research Methods, I'm getting clawed up to hopefully C+/B level after being quite behind the whole quarter).
Thu: The actual class, 4 hours.
Fri: I think I can do 4 hours on friday, I have to check for sure to make sure I'm not forgetting something.
Sat: Softball tournament in the AM, I don't expect to play more than 3 games, and probably only 2. Then will spend some time with my 'Little Brother'. Since I think the school will be closed by then, I will work on finishing up Research Methods a week early.
Sun: If research methods is done, then I basically have this day off, unless I find out the school is open. I think I remember my instructor saying he would be there on sunday so I might be able to put some time in.

Next Week
Mon: 4 hours
Tue: 4 hours
Wed: Off (Church)
Thu: will be taking the day off of work. I'll sleep in a little bit, get up at 8, get up to school between 9 and 10, and will have until 6 pm to put finishing touches on it...

Basically, although I really didn't need to post this schedule online, I needed to put it on 'paper' to see if I could get the time in that I need to fulfill the project. With about 10 hours in so far, that schedule puts me at about 40 hours. To be totally frank, that won't be enough to do the job that I want to do on it. I guess I should've started on it early instead of on time... I'll have to check on the saturday and sunday possibliities, because if I can get 50 hours in on it, I'd start feeling more comfortable.

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