Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Color Scheme, Again

Does this color scheme look better?

Coming up!

Now is the time of year that I start blogging about my 2nd religion... I know that of my fans, 0/3 are also baseball fans. Well... that's too bad. Over the course of the month of March, I'm going to attempt to do some profiles of some of the Milwaukee Brewers, from players, front office personnel, to the broadcasters even. I am going to attempt to do the profiles with as much of the 'RL' side of things as possible, to hopefully give you less than interested viewers an angle that may interest you.

Sweet Myth-tery of Life

The title is a hint to one of the questions on the quiz.

About that quiz... I've been told that the quiz is dreadfully unfair and other such things. Well, too bad! :) However, one of the issues brought up is that I guess it wasn't obvious that some of the questions accept and/or require multiple answers. The one person who's taken it so far, got a score of 9/20, but then I gave them the quiz in FFXI over again, then knowing about the multiple answer thing, and this person improved to 12/20.

So, let this be a fair warning: Some of the questions require more than one answer and you must have all of the correct answers marked to be correct. These are the questions with the square boxes to check instead of the round ones.

Also, this quiz site does not reveal the correct answers. I'm sorry. I've you've taken the quiz and would like to go over the answers with me, join FFXI on the Unicorn server and look for Mophia. Okay... I guess that's not feasible for everyone. I also have yahoo IM over which i could go over the quiz with you. Also, you could take the quiz over and over again until you get it right... It doesn't take near as long as that other quiz site, cuz all the questions are on one page.

Another note: The questions seem to flow easiest in the beginning to hardest at the end.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Do You Know Mophia As Well As...

As my many fans have clamored... I have delivered. I hope all 2 (or is it 3 now?) of you enjoy it. :)


Saturday, February 17, 2007

So much that I should do...

A To Do List...

1. Clean Room - Perpetually at the top of the list.
2. Clean Rest of Apartment - Infinitely second.
3. Write More of I:NJAC - I do do this sporadically, but, really need to...
4. Type Up All That I Have Written - Writing is the hard part, I just need to be less lazy!
5. Get My Taxes Done - The sooner I do them, the sooner I get money! (I hope!)
6. Get Car's Brakes Fixed - New addition to the list, but need to get #5 done first.
7. Change Strings On Acoustic Guitar - Electric guitar all done, now this one.
8. Post More Often Here - Hmm... what's this? ^^
9. Start Posting On Crash-Riding And Make It Look Good - One of these days.
10. Post My Oodles Of FFXI Screenshots - Photobucket here I come!