Saturday, January 27, 2007

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I read six Douglas Adams books this week. Give me a couple days to get my brain untwisted, but they're still great. :) I just need to learn how to fly one of these days. (The trick is to fall/throw yourself at the ground, then forget to hit it...)

Still looking for a FT job. 20 hours a week just doesn't cut it... /sigh Too bad it's not as easy to make money in RL as it is in FFXI...

Speaking of FFXI, I've opened a forum (well, made a spot in a forum that I opened then never used) for my 'main' Linkshell, Divinity. It's the MMEC board. If any of you want to say 'hey!' to any of my LS buddies or me there, feel free.

This week in FFXI has seen me get to level 17 Ninja, my 'Kazham keys' for Istanbultaye, and quite a bit of farming. My sister's new character is 20 now, with chocobo and subjob and she has Black Mage up to 11 as of last night.

Also, Alaydhien of Mischievious Muse fame, has put in a couple appearances online. yay!

I unloaded all of my screenshots (my space was used up), I'll be getting a photobucket account or something to put them all up on, so everyone can see :)

I should stop being lazy and get the next section of I:NJAC up sometime... and work on writing the next one.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I:NJAC Chapter 4, Part 1

is now posted over at JSR. follow the I:NJAC link in the link column ^.^