Saturday, November 24, 2007

Make sure your domains are private!

Later on in the thread, he goes on to say that he found that his domain was not private, meaning his contact information could be gotten by looking at the registration information somehow. So, those of you who own any domains, make sure you have private ones! (Or at least don't have personal contact information attached.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time Flies

One nice thing about quarter systems is how fast they go by... Of course, that leads to some feelings of non-stop on the go action type things, but so far it's helping me keep my focus more than it's creating stress.

I managed to "squeak" out A's again this quarter, so I have my 4.0 still rocking through 20 credits. 99.7 or so in Math II, and somewhere around 95-97 I believe in Intro to Programming.

Next quarter will be a challenge, as I have my nemesis, Comp II (I have psychological issues with that class, I think I'll Call it Flower Arrangement 102 from now on). However, I'm taking it online, and I'm on a mission! I've also been improving each quarter so far on my procrastinating habits (at least in regards to school, my room/desk/etc. is still very disorganized and I haven't written on I:NJAC at all), so I have high hopes for this go round. I'm also excited about two classes, 3D Modeling and Rapid Visualization (which is a drawing class), though, like I felt with programming at the beginning of the quarter, I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm kind of mentally preparing myself for the possibility of losing the straight 4.0, however, keeping that 4.0 is definitely the target.

I will be cutting back on the second job after the holidays, and there is a two week break right up around christmas and through the new year, so that will help me rest up and hopefully get a lil ahead on some of my work. (Run on sentence night tonight). This week and next week are a bit of a vacation as well, since I finished my finals asap. Working only 40 hours this week makes it easy in spite of having to work 'Black Friday' at the local mall at my retail job. Of course that's compared to working 70 last week, and averaging about 55/week since I started my FT job.

Well, I've pretty much said all that to say this. Everything's going pretty well, which I'm thankful for. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 05, 2007

FF7: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a movie I must recommend. It may be 100% CGI, but, like it's predecessor, Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within, it is visually stunning to the point that you really don't think about it. The action is incredible and fast paced. The plot is full of classic Final Fantasy twists, turns, and intriguing tidbits. And, like all FFs, the music is stellar. I can't think of anything else a person could want from a movie. Watch it. It's better than Harry Potter.