Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm Sorry

I have 2 whole sections sitting untyped and unposted of I:NJAC and no really good reason for them to not be typed other than laziness. Therefore, to all my fans (I think there might be one or two) I apologize and I'll get to work! Check the link over the next week. They'll both get typed and one posted this week. (I'll wait til next week to post to post the next one ~.^) (Unless I get fan-mail clamoring for quicker posts!)


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Slowly Improving...

Slowly getting better over the last couple days. I was able to work 4 hours wed, after calling in sick tuesday evening (the day I was finally able to get the drops). Then today i worked almost 10 hours between my two jobs. 8-3 (and 30 min break) and I got someone to close for me so I only worked 5-8 at the other one. The improvement should continue, so I'm hoping to make it through both of my shifts tomorrow w/ no problems. (10-3 and 5-10:30, 10.5 hours)

In FFXI news... I partied in Valkurm Dunes last night and got Thief up to level 18. Tonight I farmed, mined and got Dragoon up to level 10 all at the same time. My chocobo is 9 days old, and really cute. His name is JackBattle.

That's all I've got time for, since I need to go to bed.

Take care all...


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had a nice case of swimmer's ear through christmas. Finally got to the doctor today and got eardrops. $27... *sigh* Two doses so far and some slight improvement.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Well, i've been quite busy, which is why I haven't said anything. I still need to type up and post a section of I:NJAC. Soon™! Really!

A lady who came into one of my workplaces gave her 13 year old son a Slingerland RadioKing™ snare drum w/ case and stand for christmas. *Jealousy*

My car is still alive!

I finished all my shopping a couple days ago, but need to wrap stuff.

Got all the christmas gear and stuff from the "Smilebringers" in FFXI. Also leveled in the Crawler's Nest today. Got war back to 36, and only 2500 from 37. Riykere attempted to kill the nin at the end, cuz he was a disgusting perv. Party disbanded shortly thereafter ;) Trying to get fame up high enough to get second mog safe expansion!

That's pretty much it. Take Care all, and Merry Christmas.

(Oh yes, and the power supply blew on my pc, so I can't play JG at all again.) :(

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well, Thanksgiving went nicely, saw the Mom and Dad and Sister. Though, I do see them rather often anyways since they live right here in town ~.^ But, saw my Grandma (dad's side) and a pair of aunts/uncles (dad's side) and a couple of cousins.

Since then, I've been working. Not as much as I would've liked this past week, but still keeping busy. ^^ I've slowed down a bit in my writing, sadly. But, I've been back playing Jumpgate again now since Thanksgiving actually. I'd have maybe written some tonight, but, the notebook/binder is in my car.

Speaking of my car, today the exhaust system fell off. I'd known it was bad for awhile, but didn't think it was gonna fall off! Good thing I was in town, and my parent's were in town, and my sister was in town, because, all the sound gear that our church took to our banquet today (well, all that needed to go back to the church) was in my car! So, my sister came and got the gear, and my dad came and pulled the pipes off (I helped), since it was actually dragging on the ground. So, I drove across 'the bridge' (441) going 40 mph with a small piece dragging underneath to get it to the shop. My parent's are going to help pay for it since I'm still in less than desirable financial status. I love them (even if they WEREN'T helping me w/ the repair).

In other news, I'm also back playing FFXI again. I got a party today with Mophia as a SAM/WAR, and got about 4k experience. Only got KO'd 3 times! So, I'm 1k tnl 26. Funny thing is, the last death was a Gob Smithy aggro, as we were standing there at camp, discussing things, such as how i was able to mistake my tnl by a thousand exp. Naturally the gobbie attacks the lowest lvl guy (me, a 25 partying w/ 27/28 how silly of me ~.^) so I take off running. Unfortunately I ran the wrong way (the jungle is kinda confusing you know ~.^). So, we decided to disband the party, since we were about done anyways, so I home pointed. Strangely, my home point was on Qufim Island, outside that tower (Delkfutt's?). I guess things like that happen when you go away for five months! But, on the plus side, on the way back to Jeuno, by the entrance to the tunnel, I managed to get a solo exp chain! An even match and a tough Land Worm! Course, I did 2 hr the second one, but that's still quite an accomplishment i think. ^^ ended up w/ over 500 exp out of that, just about making up what I lost on the last death, thanks to my empress band effect.

Well, I think that's a long enough blabber for the moment. So, nn and take care.